Monday, 8 July 2013

CAFM Helpdesk – A Crucial Facility Management Functionality

An efficient helpdesk facility is a key component of any successful facilities management functionality. It is essential that calls are managed properly and challenges are handled based on service levels so as to fulfill client expectations as well as illustrate operational efficiency. CAFM Software comprises of an automated help desk solution for effective call handling as well as rapid fault rectification.

CAFM Software facilitates helpdesk team to log, monitor as well as report on asset or service-related incidents with optimum pace, so that a service provider or in-house contractor is utilized proficiently and that client service levels are assessed and maintained. Tasks are processed by means of the system as well as their status tracked as they progress to accomplishment.

Web-based CAFM Software eradicates distance as well as time zone constraints by facilitating a 24/7 helpdesk service. This reduces pressure on centralized helpdesks by providing building users, site-based operatives as well as external contractors with the tools which they require to log, manage as well as supervise operational activities, from remote location, via internet.

A powerful CAFM Software system will offer an intuitive, dynamic as well as user friendly interface which allows prompt job logging and eliminates the possibility of errors. The CAFM Helpdesk will record and manage information like location details, work types, service record, maintenance contracts as well as service level agreements.  It can schedule tasks and manage automatic contractor as well as stakeholder notification. Additionally, CAFM Software will prioritize work, determine recurring calls and handle reactive job financial information. Job records are date/time stamped at every phase as they proceed towards accomplishment. Certain CAFM Software systems facilitate quotations management functionality, which enables to review and compare submitted quotes, that allows the selection of the most cost-effective contractor.

Most advanced CAFM Software systems offer a superior work assignment structure that allows job requests to be configured automatically to pre-select a service provider depending on the type of asset, service, work type or location. Upon notification a system generated, user-definable job work order could be delivered to the service provider by means of their preferred notification means for instant action. The work order could be together with pertinent documents sent as file attachments like plans, procedures, and images and so on.

CAFM Software facilitates helpdesk operators and managers to keep track of the advancement of all reactive maintenance and service events utilizing powerful management and reporting tools, which allow jobs to be tracked against service level agreements. A CAFM Software system can offer automated job escalations depending on the allocated priority to give advanced alert of impending delays as well as enabling corrective measures to be taken. An in depth reporting functionality will offer configurable reports to handle all aspects of job analysis and contractor performance.

As soon as a job is accomplished, a CAFM Software system will compute the total expense of the repair or service utilizing pre-determined, user-definable labor rates as well as material costs. Sub-contractor invoices could be allocated to, and reconciled against, their associated job record, to allow effective cost management. Thus, CAFM Software substantially enhances operational efficiency as well as minimizes costs pertaining to reactive maintenance management.

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