Saturday, 15 June 2013


Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) is a boon to all the Facility Managers which incorporates Facility Management with the help of computer technology .With the advent of technology, Excel spreadsheets have been replaced by CAFM software which fulfils the task of facility management. CAFM is a wide field covering various fields such as space management, sustainability, asset management, employee details and their scheduling according to the project requirements. It assists Facility Manager with the monetary details and helps to maintain the co-ordination between the people to increase the affectivity.
CAFM performs the following core activities:

·         Strategic Planning It helps to manage space requirements, future scenarios related to portfolio savings, staff detailing and a complete view of the space and occupancy details.
·         Space Planning & Management – It deals with the allocation of the space according to the usage including the space types, Space standards, building codes and addresses and employee details which lead to an overall portfolio of the organization.
·         Resource Management – This facilitate FMs to organize and co-ordinate employee details and their scheduling to give an optimized output. It consists of Occupants, Staff people and other vendors.

·         Maintenance Management – This encompasses the preventive aspects regarding the maintenance and demands of the supply according to the schedule of the building process.
·         Emergency Management – It deals with precautionary aspects such as disaster management, recovery methods, system and employee safety information.
·         Capital Project Management – Capital management focuses on the most important field related to Construction, Renovation and Move Management which is the movement of cross functional groups to other offices thus reducing move cost and time.
·         Lease Management – IT centralizes all the data related to financial aids of the organization keeping all the records of the lease papers, transactions, and renewal periods of the leased properties.
·         Asset Management - Asset Management enables the facility to keep records of the multiple assets classes such as office furniture, labs equipments, CAD symbols on flooring, telecommunication, cabling fixtures etc.
·         Sustainability -It facilitates the real estate developers to analyze the impact related to the environments phenomenon’s like recycling, emissions, energy. It also manages the certification related to building assessment such as LEED.

Thus CAFM is a beneficial and prominent aspect of the facility management which enhances the production efficiency by managing multiple properties, locate assets and control costs of the assets, synchronization of workplace, space management, environment and financial issues etc.


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